Friday, April 27, 2012

Has a College Football Playoff Finally Arrived?

            News comes out today that all of the major NCAA conference commissioners are on board with installing a 4-team playoff, sometimes called a “plus-one” system, in college football.  I have never had a beef with the current BCS system.  To me, it has worked every time.  At the end of every season, I feel like the best team in the country takes home the crystal ball. 

            However, after a decade of critics (mostly made up of sore-loser conferences) bashing the system for its “inequities,” the last of the playoff opponents are now on board, mainly because they realize the SEC will continue to dominate the field until college football changes its rules.  Kind of like letting your little brother get a head start just to make it a fair race, the SEC has been more than willing to move away from a system in which it has brought home the hardware 6 straight years.  But the SEC’s little brother, the Big Ten conference, has refused to discuss the playoff possibility – until now.

            The proposed system will essentially make the last 3 games “playoff games,” with 2 semi-final games, and a championship game between the winners.  Not yet decided is whether the 4 teams participating in this system would be the top 4 BCS ranked teams, the conference champions from the top 4 conferences, or some other arbitrary assignment.  Also yet to be determined, is whether the university presidents, who I believe have the final say on these matters, will go along with the change at all.

What do you think?  Do we need a change to the current system and is this the solution?

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