Monday, July 30, 2012

Alabama Trying to Ban Use of Welfare $$ for Alcohol, Cigarettes, Strip Clubs, and Psychics.

Alabama Bill Introduced Would Prohibit Spending Welfare $ on Alcohol, Cigarettes...and Psychics. (Link!)

          It's sad that we even have to discuss the need for a law prohibiting these sorts of things.  Welfare dollars being spent on booze? On cigarettes?  At strip clubs?  I'm sure it's not a stretch to the imagination for most people.  Corruption exists among the rich and poor alike.  But these problems are certainly no endorsement of the welfare system in general.  Alabama is trying to join states all over the nation which are passing laws banning such use of welfare dollars.  And before someone argues that such laws are just partisan politics at play, consider that this state bill introduced by an Alabama Republican is very similar to a new national bill just signed into law by President Obama.

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