Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Big Two Days for the Hornsbys

          I want to take a little time out from the regular posts to congratulate a couple of special people. 

          Last night was a big night for my cousin Todd Hornsby and our whole family.  In my family, the husbands love Braves baseball, and I guess the wives put up with it more than anything else.  But we are all proud of Todd and all that he has accomplished while playing collegiate baseball at Jacksonville State.  I could fill a novel with the awards and records he has set over the last several years, but last night was perhaps one of the most significant.  With last night's save against Auburn, Todd Hornsby now holds the record for the most career saves of any pitcher in the history of the Ohio Valley Conference.  In a collegiate career that is winding down in a matter of weeks (Todd graduates soon with a double major, in fields I can't even pronounce), Todd now becomes the best closer in conference history, and he did it in only three years.  Whether he spends the coming years in professional baseball or in a job related to his major, Todd will make us all proud and will continue to be the all-time career leader in saves. 

          Not to be outdone, my sister Abby Hornsby (an eighth grader in Gulf Shores) won first place at her school's talent show today.  There were about 15 contestants in the competition so that's an unbelievable accomplishment to me.  Actually, just getting up in front of the school is unthinkable for me.  I think she may be the first person I have known to ever win at a talent contest at all.  She sang Marry Me by Train, and while I didn't get to hear her live today, I can't wait to see the video.  She is learning how to play the guitar now, so they really better look out for her at the high school talent show next year. 

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